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Idris Elba attends The L.A. Special Screening Of Screen Gems’ “No Good Deed” on August 26, 2014

one of 28 young ballerinas with the bolshoi
black widow agents with the red room

A storm of rose petals blew across a blood-streaked sky, as blue as the eyes of death.

  1. Half of tumblr: But it's only the beginning of Septemb—
  2. Me: *buries self in pumpkins*
  3. Me: *fills in gaps with pie and cranberry sauce*
  4. Me: *Soundproofs with apples and corn*
  5. Me: *pours hot cocoa over self*
  6. Me: *plays spooky ambient noises*
  7. Me: Don't



who in the fucking world


There’s some ships you ship… that have massive amounts of shippers right along with you. Then there’s the ships… those ships you have that are near and dear to your heart where you’re in a fucking canoe with like… four other people.



A ship and an otp are two totally different things. A ship is something that you think about every once in a while that makes you smile for a bit and then you don’t think about it again for a week or so. An otp is something that makes you sob for hours on end as you stay up until 3 in the morning reading fanfiction as you lie in your bed in a puddle of your own tears contemplating you life choices. 


"text me when you get home" means "i love you, be safe." 


If I follow you, yes, I care about your garden, what your cat did today, the jewelry you made, that one friend who said the thing, i like your sense of humor, and also your selfies.

Also, heart.

Behind Enemy Lines, 1941 Dmitrii Baltermants
Behind Enemy Lines, 1941 
Dmitrii Baltermants

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